January 31 2017

Call Information

  • 6:00AM PST - Seattle
  • 9:00AM EST - New York, DC
  • 5:00PM EAT - Tanzania
  • 10:00PM GMT +8 - China

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Software Development Update

  • Current : Sprint 18
  • Upcoming : Sprint 19
    • Bug fixing, notifications, validations, more...
  • 3.0 Status (now updated)
    • Reporting: plan to include Reporting Rate and Timeliness Report
  • Request for support with UAT and creating bugs/tickets. Sprint ends Feb 1st. Afterwards we'll set up the UAT with demo data. For those of you volunteering to test, please plan to test the week of Feb 6. We will spread the testing scenarios across the volunteers.
  • Vaccine work update
10 min

Open Questions in Stock Management (Stock Management#OpenQuestionsOpenQuestions)

  • #25
  • FYI on mock up options and discussion
  • Follow-ups for Zambia
    • Are users allowed to enter historical stock movements? i.e. enter an activity from a week or month ago that they may have forgotten to record, even if one or more activities after that date have already been entered. If that is allowed, what is the cutoff date for how far back they can enter information?

    • I understand requisitions and stock movements are recorded one product at a time. Have you had any user feedback around wanting to record say expiries for multiple products at once? I’m asking partly because we actually did get that feedback from users in Mozambique (the Android system – ESMS – right now has a user select a product and then record a movement, so one product at a time).

    • Mary Jo shared some screenshots from the Facility Edition with me. Could you help clarify:

      1. What do the Reverse Transactions and Backlog allow users to do?
      1. The stock card (after an activity) display both Balance and Usable Balance. What is the difference?

Update on requests from the Governance Committee

  • Functional spec toolkit is up on Confluence - Functional Specification Template
  • Publish current implementation's roadmaps publicly
    • Update from Ashraf (Cote d'Ivoire, Zambia, Tanzania)
    • Update from Mary Jo (Benin and Mozambique)
  • Merging roadmaps to see across all implementations and 3.x
    • Blocked by first step
5 min

GS1 Support and Product Model

Medical Commodities: OpenLMIS Model for GS1 Updated from the conversations between Josh, Mike and GS1 consultants.


3.0 Website Refresh

  • Week of Feb 6th we will ask for feedback on website content
  • Will provide instructions for review/feedback
2 minMary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated)





  • New participant from Malawi from the PSM group - Nuran and Josef joining the call - welcome :)

Software Development Update

  • Things are quite busy - 2 sprints left in February - current sprint ending Feb 1st (tomorrow) - next sprints 19 and 20
  • If you have questions on these sprints - know its hard to get through b/c of all the detail - lots of things in this sprint
  • Have the 3.0 status updated - Sprint 16 recalibration of scope - mentioned on last PC call
  • If people want to get into what we cut on 3.0, contact Mary Jo offline to get into more detail around that
  • Reporting - this is specifically what is for the built-in reporting - in Malawi we will have a 3rd party BI tool that will handle their reporting - we’re only doing 2 reports for now - Reporting Rate and Timeliness Rate, run by end users, could be PDF or Excel file
  • As we discussed last call, we want to do a preliminary UAT - Sprint ends Feb. 1st, after which we’ll set up environment - testing starts on Feb. 6th - still creating the instructions that we’ll share to the group soon - sign up if you are interested! - have to have you do it on a certain date - email will be sent out for who’s interested soon
  • Vaccine work is getting kicked off - WHO, JSI, VR, Gates - starting to look at scope for this - first kick off call is this Thursday - if want more info on this, we can clue you in offline

Open Questions on Stock Management

  • MJ: this is for new functionality in stock management and Lakshmi has been doing a lot of work around this - these are open questions
  • L: Question we want to do first is #25 - should users be able to go back and edit stock movements that they have edited before? - ThoughtWorks came up with some questions on what this would look like. 4 options around when a user goes back to edit a stock movement edited a week or so ago - (example given by Lakshmi - see wiki page)
  • *4 options (these are easier to follow by going to wiki page):
  • Questions?
  • MJ: can you also highlight on how the system is going to handle it but the view for the user may be different - still open question on how the user may experience doing a reversal
  • L: exactly, this is relevant only to how we want to do this in the system, and keep an audit trail in the system
  • Ashraf: Is there any mockups for the user interaction on how the users will use this
  • L: this discussion was meant to do how this should work on the backend, how the system will deal with this
  • Gaurav: should be noted as an adjustment, noted as a correction w/ reason, noted for the day that it is corrected for to maintain the integretity of the transaction; this would maintain data integrity across the system; it could be that you are issuing to another facility and keeping track of what they are receiving - in order to maintain, need to note it as an adjustment
  • MJ: isn’t different with the past dates - on Jan. 25th I go back to Jan. 12th and I correct it by adding 10 more that I missed - you’d want the system to record the difference of the change? or do you want it to completely wipe out (do reversal)?
  • G: not be a wipeout, but a correction - it would note it as a date for which the adjustment is being made
  • L: the plan is to record both the date that user entered the movement and the date for when the actual movement happened
  • Brian: that was his idea as well, and that fits audit trail as well - agree with Gaurav’s suggestion - any feedback from audit folks in-country?
  • MJ: just to clarify - what you said is more like a reversal - back out the incorrect, and put in the correct - but G was mentioning just adding on to make it correct - would love to get input from Zambia on how they do their reversals and will have a meeting - industry best standard would be a reversal
  • Brian: the reversal is what I was thinking of
  • G: I agree with the reversal as well so they don’t have to calculate the difference
  • Ashraf: there is a concept of inventory counting as well - like every transaction getting recorded - facilities required to maintain on a daily basis their stock card / register - so on day’s when update their bin card and stock register - accounting principal of stock in and stock out with reason - would be capturing details and following principles of inventory counting
  • L: are you agreeing with reversal?
  • Ashraf: without the UI, hard to understand what is meant by the reversal
  • L: good point, where we are at with UI - stock card would show correction as well as original transaction - but for user, probably easier for them to go into original and change
  • L: we’ve agreed on reversal but we have an adjustment reason is there as well
  • MJ: is it that it is an adjustment or a correction? Adjustment means something different at times (like receive or issue)
  • Nuran: more in line with Mary Jo was just saying - say that it is a data correction - and shows as adjustment reason - once that reversal happens - record that it was data correction - as MJ pointed out, adjustment means something separate in context of logistics
  • G: so I think it’s not adjustment since it means # of things as far as logistics go - so is it possible to have the adjustment reason be a correction
  • L: original action was an issue, so correction was a +10 - 2nd transaction should be an adjustment or an issue
  • MJ: we’re toggling b/w what the view looks like vs. what backend is doing - want to check with Josh and TW - if OpenLMIS is at ward or another facility, then the reversal needs to correct two places - issue correction needs to take back stock from other store room - why they are receiving as an issue - important to know what is needed for auditing vs. what UI should do
  • L: in this case, when facility corrects transaction, we want a corresponding correction on other ward too - if we just do an adjustment, it looks like they received 30 units and would 
  • MJ: which is why TW put this as a receive - this entire entry is a correction, but for accounting princples doing a reversal which is a receive
  • (Unsure if I got all this down correctly, so please check wiki page to see final wording around this)
  • MJ: all in agreement for reversal but need to ensure it lines up intuitively for a user - i.e. how would it be displayed on stock card itself
  • L: we could potentially have this be a receive but can have it as a data correction adjustment - concern correcting one wrong transaction with another wrong transaction
  • L: in interest of time, we can move on - agreed on reversal, but cycle back with Josh and TW around how this can work

  • L: next agenda item - FYI on mockups
  • L: in next PC call, we’ll have some more mockups to discuss and pick between in terms of how stock management should look like
  • MJ: FYI, if folks have resources they would like to share with us or people they could connect us to, it would be appreciated to let us know
  • L: absolutely
  • L: we are looking for teams that are using stock management like Zambia with Facility Edition, we are hoping to get feedback from Zambia - Ashraf, do you know Facility edition enough to answer on these questions?
  • Ashraf: after this call, I do have interviews to go to so I can touch base afterwards - but I do know FE so we can definitely discuss
  • L: cool, I’ll follow up with you

Update on requests from Governance Committee

  • MJ: There is a link to the functional specification template - one of the first users of this will be the vaccine team - they will use this to outline their functional needs and user stories - would want feedback as well during this time to make sure we adapt it to what can work best for future teams to use on how features should be adopted / PC can review 
  • MJ: If you highlight Confluence text, you can do inline comments - can use this to give feedback on functional specification template
  • Tenly: sometimes you have to enable the inline comments - we can walk you through if need be so just let us know
  • Brian: I was intending to a similar model as done for reports over how we spec reports
  • MJ: yes, that would be great, so thank you

  • MJ: Ashraf, any updates on the roadmap progress?
  • Ashraf: I was able to compile the Cote d’Ivoire one that is in French - Excel format, as we had it originally - Issue list also on Excel format - I can share within a day or so - for Tanzania or Zambia one, I figured out how to configure it in JIRA to have a specific dashboard for each list, so now need to go through item by item to know what is relevant for this - within a day or so I can share Cote d’Ivoire one
  • MJ: great, sounds good - will keep as an ongoing agenda item
  • MJ: Benin update - these are in a Word document and Mozambique is in JIRA, so we can make those available, however much more bug oriented than features
  • MJ: Need to still figure out how to converge on having these roadmaps in similar format, meet governance committee request - open question
  • MJ: Also, need to think on how to keep this updated moving forward - also open question
  • MJ: would like to get more traffic from listserv, so please use listserv for more activity

GS1 Support and Product Model

  • MJ: given time, wanted to give update to PC on GS1 and Josh - conversation has moved forward and there has been a resolution - share a presentation on this and there’s been a lot of writing on this - use the link on the agenda to take a look at this

3.0 Website Refresh

  • MJ: also quick update on website refresh - things still moving forward - week of Feb. 6th, we’ll loop in volunteers on process the week of the 6th.
  • MJ: Any questions?

Other items

  • Chris G: Are we able to use the new branding logo in our in-country implementations now?
  • Tenly: Yes, and I’m working on getting a new high-res one soon, so I’ll send that out when we get that.
  • Tenly: I also want to put a press kit soon that people can use that are interested in doing a presentation and keep consistency in branding - PPT, document, etc. - all is part of our comms strategy and how we present the product - coming together and be pushed out soon

  • MJ: Any interest in having the PC call go over the new GS1 product model? May have to take up a whole hour, as there is a lot
  • Chris G: I’d be interested in making that a part of the call, but limited to no more than half - if we need to make it run over multiple PC calls that’s fine - would be good for the PC call to know the new language of the underlying product model as that language will become more prevalent moving forward



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