June 6 2017

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  • 6:00AM PDT - Seattle
  • 9:00AM EDT - New York, DC
  • 4:00PM EAT - Tanzania
  • 9:00PM GMT +8 - China

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Electronic LMIS feature checklist for GAVI - Sent.

Conversation with Ian around next steps.

Software Development Update

Vaccine features update

Mary Jo Kochendorfer

Member updates?

Opportunity Section on the wiki - /wiki/spaces/OP/pages/112153195

5 minMembers
Gap Analysis Update5 minAmanda BenDor (Unlicensed)
Malawi Update

New Requests

  • potentially discuss MW-267 - Getting issue details... STATUS . Need for a the second approver to only be read-only and cannot adjust quantities. Has this requirements seen in other countries?
  • MW-244 - Getting issue details... STATUS adding a rejected status to the initiate screen (so users know it was rejected). Tanzania and Zambia, have you seen a request for this?
  • User input date for requisitions. The point being that one can see if the delay of submission was due to the paper form arriving versus the data entry of it. I heard this request from Malawi and perhaps in Tanzania, others?


From last meeting


Amanda BenDor, Christine Lenihan, Dercio Duvane, Gaurav Bhattacharya, Tenly Snow, Sam Im, Mary Jo Kochendorfer, Ashraf, Carl Leitner


Electronic LMIS checklist for GAVI

  • Brandon is in contact with the GAVI country offices - Tanzania, Pakistan, others
  • Will come back with another round of feedback the week of June 12th
  • May schedule a separate phone call with the Product Committee for feedback

Software Development Update

  • We are taking a look at Logistimo's asset management system and have changed direction from Cold Chain Equipment.
  • Some of the Stock Management enhancements and pushing the requisition into stock management to make sure they are connecting appropriately will be included in this coming sprint instead.
  • Please review the MVP for Vaccines. In order to discuss this in more depth, we need to identify topics by pre-reading the MVP and 
  • Recording the VVM status within the stock management workflows will be the first feature we work on for Vaccines.
  • Questions from Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed): If we consider Cold Chain Management with Logisitimo, and eLMIS has more features that are essential for the success for OpenLMIS 3.0, then when we integrate with the 3rd party system, and we have limitations between what we integrate with this other system, does that adversely impact what OpenLMIS 3.0 can offer? The concern is integrating with a 3rd party system, whether we are satisfying the core requirements. From our eLMIS experience we've seen that, in our experience, to have asset management as a module that you can configure for different areas, is a plus for your overall architecture.
    • How open are the existing APIs for Logistimo? 
    Carl Leitner: Patt Lennon from Path was asking about data standards for CCE. User HL7 Fhir for the go-to API for some of these assets to help decouple. We would need an extension to HL7 Fhir. We need to know if we have the same core data model between Logistimo and OpenLMIS.
  • Mary Jo: We are just at the initial research stage, so the questions are appropriate. Continue to think about this, we aren't necessarily going to do this, but it is important to evaluate. We hope to have more information by this sprint. 

Vaccine Update: Cold Chain Equipment Management

  • The fulfillment of orders coming in and the review of paper based information to make a reorder or resupply within OpenLMIS is the domain we will focus on in the design workshop. 
  • Walkthrough of documentation for how we created the MVP: We have the four domains and reporting is within each of the domains. 
  • Within the domains there are child pages that detail the user stories. This came directly from the workshop, and the items in yellow are in discussion and will be brought to the Listserv in the next few days (such as correcting stock movements). 
  • If you want to read through and have interest in these stories, they are located here. Forecast & Estimation has a lot of discussion we still need to have, Resupply has a lot of open questions that we will discuss in the design workshop, stock management is more known and we are looking into VIMS to make sure we understand more. 
  • Does any one have any comments: We aren't working on any of this in the next sprint so we have time to answer questions. We need input on Open Vial wastage, correcting stock movements, adding lots at a facility, recall notifications. 
    • Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed): I have a question about the upcoming workshop at Senegal. We were told that its not expected that prioritization or new requirements would be discussed in Senegal. 
    • Mary Jo: They will discuss the resupply workflow, by validating which critical elements are needed for the user. If we see big discrepancies, we will raise it up and discuss it, because maybe in the Copenhagen workshop we didn't fully discuss the usability. Nothing has changed from what was discussed in Copenhagen but we may adjust priorities based on what we learn in Senegal, and based on our velocity as a team. 

Community Updates:

    • Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed): Installed and configured eLMIS in Guinea. After we have left the country for the MSH project, they are conducting super user training. There are challenges with user training after we left. We have learned from the USAID that PSM will take over the eLMIS that was just implemented. Two users will be part of the Senegal workshop.
    • Mary Jo: We were told requirements would be shared with us after the implementation, are those available now? MSH gathered requirements and said we didn't have to do anything for the requirements. They said that Cote D'Ivoire requirements were the same. User scenarios that were identified could be shared.

GAP Analysis: we are on track and will have everything done by the end of the month.

Malawi update: In the past couple of weeks we've been prioritizing things we've identified in UAT for work prior to deployment. Working closely with the core team on those issues. 

  • Would like quick input if people have seen this in other countries:
    • In a double approval in a country: They don't want to have access to change quantities, they only want a read-only right during approvals. They can approve or reject the requisition, but not change quantities. Ashraf: We have seen the multiple approval, but have not encountered read-only access for an approval. Guarav: I have not. 
    • If you initiate, the R&R status will say Initiated. If the requisition is rejected, the status will show as Initiated. Is there a desire for the status to show as Rejected? Ashraf: There are practical challenges when adding many statuses. In the reports for stock status, consumption, etc, the report calculations must filter the R&R for the right kinds of statuses. All those reports must pick up the right status.
    • Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed) will provide a list of reports in eLMIS that would be affected by this type of status change. 
    • Christine: Another ticket was just entered for comments. When comments are entered for a rejected requisition, those comments are not saved in the requisition. So having the rejected status was one of the ways to indicate what happened.


Video: OpenLMIS Product Committee-20170606 1257-1.arf (download the WebEx video player here)


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