April 25 2017

Call Information

  • 6:00AM PDT - Seattle
  • 9:00AM EDT - New York, DC
  • 4:00PM EAT - Tanzania
  • 9:00PM GMT +8 - China

  • Webex Link: Link
  • Meeting Number: 192 173 465
  • Host Key: 352864
  • Audio Connection +1-415-655-0001 



Admin update

  • Created a Product Committee Atlassian group for viewing and editing permissions. Please let me know if you'd like to be on this list.
  • Current list includes : Ashraf, Brandon, Brian, Chris George, Christine, Dercio, Danni, Gaurav, Jake Watson, Kyle Duarte, Rachel, Sam, Tenly, Josh
2 minMary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated)

Software Development Update

  • 3.0.2 to be released this week. List of tickets completed.
  • Upcoming sprint Backlog Grooming Sprint 25
  • A recorded demo of OpenLMIS version 3 – Requisitions, is now available on the OLMIS YouTube Channel here
  • Velocity for the VR team may reduce due to travel.
    • Due to this, potentially looking to remove the 3.1 scope for shipment files for external fulfillment
  • Requests from developers have come in to contribute to the community. Still following up but exciting to hear some interest.
  • Documentation: we are working on the Configuration Guide. We hope to have a finalized state by 3.1. Feel free to review and provide feedback on content/structure. alongside of the configuration guide, we will have a Glossary/Definitions page. It is a work in progress and we appreciate support and comments.
  • Update on Key objectives for 3.1 : In May we hope to work on the following.
    • Program Data : Drafting technical proposals for the technical committee to review. Looking into DHIS2 for an MVP. We will also continue to consider ODK but are currently in discussions with them on their timelines.
    • Reporting :
    • Stock mgmt : Completing the adjustment workflow. Based on feedback the adjustments can be done by searching for a product. We are hoping to build out a simple issue/receive (or transfer in/out) workflow. Given the time/resource constraints the functionality will be basic but allows for future development.
    • Core Product : Expanding audit logging scope, demonstrating extensions or requests for extension (Malawi's desire for a seasonal consumption formula)
15 min

Member updates?

Opportunity Section on the wiki - /wiki/spaces/OP/pages/112153195

Upcoming conferences and OpenLMIS representation : Opportunities (Archive)#Conferences

  • Health and Humanitarian Logistics (HHL) 2017
  • ICT4D Conference
  • Are we missing any conferences?
10 minMembers

Update on vaccine work


  • Upcoming pull requests and demonstrations of contributing back:
    • MW-46 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • MW-57 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Reporting improvements MW-74 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Support of csv uploads for reference data MW-63 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Extension point for averaged consumption (AMC) MW-44 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Stock Management

OpenHIE for LMIS

  • No updates from anyone. Please respond today if you have any input.

Update on requests from the Governance Committee

  • Functional spec toolkit is up on Confluence - Functional Specification Template
  • Publish current implementation's roadmaps publicly
    • Update from Ashraf (Cote d'Ivoire, Zambia, Tanzania)
    • Update from Mary Jo (Benin and Mozambique)
  • Merging roadmaps to see across all implementations and 3.x
    • Blocked by first step
no update




  • Intros - new members from PATH: Amanda BenDor and Matt Morio (sp?)

Admin Update

  • Did start a PC committee Atlassian group - e.g. see batch view for Malawi requirements - if missed anyone, let us know

Software Development Update

  • Currently doing patch releases - looking to do next one this Wed or Thurs - reach out to Mary Jo with any comments
  • Backlog - bug fixing, admin screens (viewing products, aka orderables)
  • New recorded demo is out there - let us know what you think
    • Tenly: YouTube can visit freely; if go to website, we want to gather information; if you know someone who wants to see it, feel free to give them YouTube link; just extra layer if someone hits website to get to video
  • Note: Lots of VillageReach team traveling in May (Copenhagen, Poland); so might be a dip in work done
  • Recent scope additions
    • Stock Management: we are adding in a simple issue / receive
  • Recent scope reductions
    • Finishing external fulfillment - we want to wait for gap analysis work to do this; prefer to focus on other core updates; due to reduction of Soldevelo team, just won’t be able to finish in May
    • Implementing example extensions - held off on arbitrary examples since we have some real extension examples from Malawi
  • Ashraf: the extension points that are being developed for Malawi implementation, are they done by local programmers or done for them by the VillageReach team?
  • Mary Jo: the team that is supporting PSM is a Soldevelo team which has a team of developers in Poland, 4 devs (?); VillageReach is leading the effort of support, but Soldevelo is doing the dev
  • Ashraf: context from my question - does OpenLMIS 3.x allow extensibility by the implementors, and depends a bit on who is doing the extensions
  • Mary Jo: so we should demonstrate how Malawi goes about doing that extension so community gets familiar with how that happens
  • Ashraf: Yes, I believe so - this is an area that might help other future implementations - this is an extension point they added, this is their experience, this is their timeline - will give confidence to future implementors for doing customizations outside of the core
  • Mary Jo will put something more formal together on this extension experience - will work with Ben
  • Have gotten requests from developers on doing development work - we are cycling back with that and will keep you updated
  • Sam is making good progress on configuration guide, finalizing state on 3.1 - work in progress at the moment - please review and comment on how to make better or on info that was hard to digest, or have additional documentation, let us know
  • Key updates
    • Program Data
    • Reporting - connecting with Josh still on where we are with that - will come back to PC soon with an update on this
    • Stock Management will talk about in a bit
    • Audit logging scope - reference data viewable by the UI, extension points and requests + bugs

Member Updates

  • Amanda: call for abstracts for Global Digital Forum will be out on May 12th - looking for interactive type sessions + panels + lab session (2-3 hours w/ limited participants interacting with pieces of software) - the forum is the 1st week of December - Venue is in D.C. proper at the JW Marriott, right across from Ronald Reagan building - 2.5 day event
  • Chris Opit and Mattias will be at ICT4D in Hyderabad coming up
  • Ashraf: new feature requests
    • Tanzania implementations
    • integrate with Epicor - initial implementation to send the order file to Epicor ERP, they fulfill the order - actual fact is that they were complaining about day to day issues - when new products are added or prices change - no interface to read those new products / price changes - frequently create new SKUs (e.g. different formulation) - eLMIS had imported the product list from Epicor - if new product you are adding come to eLMIS FIRST then edit product description and details / price, and new product should be added there in the eLMIS (OpenLMIS) - in actual practice they are getting out of sync - if send to Epicor, had to make manually changes to these SKUs - disconnect with new SKU that eLMIS was not aware of - new request was to work together with Epicor and eLMIS and come up with new screen for where products are added / changed
    • Get visibility on zonal warehouses on Epicor - 8 zones, and users of Epicor - when R&R is approved, people don’t know if online quantities fulfill that order or not - new request to electronically to sync stock status on daily basis as an electronic interface
  • Mary Jo: was there also a discussion around the facility list (as well as product list)?
  • Ashraf: further down the line - we’ll focus first on item that is getting system out of sync than facility
  • Mary Jo: how often are products changing on Epicor
  • Ashraf: on an average, every quarter, 10-15 new products are added (maybe variation on existing products)
  • Mary Jo: with electronic sync for stock on hand for zonal warehouses - is this b/c they don’t want to go to Epicor website to see?
  • Ashraf: Epicor might have an internal network that allows web-based access - my experience is that it is a network desktop app - client server model - outside of zonal area, don’t have access - eLMIS users might be in this scenario and don’t have day to day access to Epicor

Update on vaccine work

  • Vaccine workshop is next week
  • Next PC call will have large update on how things went there
  • Looking to identify most important features are and kick off vaccine work


  • Malawi is contributing back - one of the more exciting ones is for batch view - good insights into what can come back into core
  • Desire for a new source of data for the average consumption (monthly) - still working out details but that will be an example of bigger extension point

Stock Management

  • Last meeting we discussed the lot management process - did not get any feedback on that, so we did move forward with a decision on that
    • Moved forward to solution #3
    • When we turn on lot management, how do we handle this situation - restrict info only to lots, do both? We are letting implementors to enter in stock on hand or adjustments against the trade item
    • Can find more details on this on the wiki
    • End users would be responsible to balance out their stocks, their responsibilities to associate adjustments with those specific lots - we are not enforcing using of lots when doing adjustments
  • Issue / receive - new scope explanation by Shiyu
    • See wiki page for more detail - under the main stock management section of design on wiki
    • MJ: we are limiting the scope in this initial implementation, so we can build off of this later on, starting with most simple first
    • currently reviewing the feature via wireframes - this is the point to chime in with comments from the PC
    • Nuran: can you provide link so we can review and provide feedback in next couple of days
    • Shiyu: need feedback by end of this week
    • Ashraf: how is the list of lots sorted? 
    • Ashraf: another thing we have seen is that those lots are put into quarantine - those lots might have attributes that are active or ‘under quarantine’ - other facilities using these might not be allowed as haven’t gotten quality checked - they are allowed but have a separate attribute - any way to allow to see lots that are in quarantined?
    • Shiyu: we get the lots from separate service - we can mark as inactive is expiry date has already passed, but not doing any of this yet with lots
    • MJ: right now, lots are centrally managed, so as we look at experience for admins, this is a good piece of feedback for admins to decide whether to put in lots that are not active or under quarantine - still need to think this through - right now, quite simplistic, once in system it is available - can definitely do more work flow for admins as needed - can put on roadmap for how we do the lot management process
    • Ashraf: they actually don’t want these lots to be scattered all over the coutnry - don’t go to next lot until previous one has been spent
    • MJ: good point - currently up to end user to choose what they are using for adjustments

OpenHIE for LMIS

(Did not have time for this)


Video:  OpenLMIS Product Committee-20170425 1258-1.arf (download the WebEx video player here)


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