May 23 2017

Call Information

  • 6:00AM PDT - Seattle
  • 9:00AM EDT - New York, DC
  • 4:00PM EAT - Tanzania
  • 9:00PM GMT +8 - China

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Electronic LMIS feature checklist for GAVI

  • Checklist
  • What comments/feedback do you have?
    • Due by COB  
  • What is missing?
  • Are there features which you do not think are important?

Software Development Update

10 min

Member updates?

Opportunity Section on the wiki - /wiki/spaces/OP/pages/112153195

5 minMembers

Vaccine features update

  • Documenting workshop outputs
  • Planning the user desire workshop at the end of June and Senegal
5 min
Gap Analysis Update5 minAmanda BenDor (Unlicensed)


  • Initial UAT completed. Team presented crucial feedback to the core.
  • Core team will work closely with Malawi to address critical bugs and prioritize improvements.
5 minBrandon Bowersox-Johnson or Nuran Idris (Unlicensed)

Stock Management


From last meeting



Electronic LMIS feature checklist for GAVI

  • GAVI folks are asking for a checklist
  • We will go over it today and solicit feedback
  • You still have 24 hours to give feedback - COB tomorrow (24 May)
  • Google doc focus on vaccine logistics management
  • In the Features Checklist table:
    • Carl: Question around what is the structure of the CSV in the master product list - would be useful to avoid allowing free text fields for some of these fields which would hinder being connected to other systems
    • Carl: Question around the uploading facility list / registry - for countries that have these, would be important to have a synchronization as well as a component here, in addition to an upload
    • Carl: Is there anything around importing stock data into DHIS2?
    • Brandon: Yes, lower down in the document
    • Brandon: Anything missing for viewing/printing stock data section?
    • (no feedback on anything missing)
    • Brandon: next section is on resupply - important to support pull and push - important to support pickups and delivery
    • Carl: Question around the intent for ‘view/pring list of facilities’ (Brandon put comment in doc around this)
    • Brandon: next section on forecasting / planning - section about routine forecasting and for campaigns - notes in doc about what is needed around making plans around these
    • Carl: any discussion on how this would be implemented - separate system that uses OpenLMIS API or in OpenLMIS itself? Countries have different forecasting needs
      • Brandon: feel that OpenLMIS could provide the data via APIs; will add a comment
    • Brandon: next section on pipeline calculations - are comments on open vial wastage - if anyone passionate about that on how to measure that, feel free to comment in doc
    • Brandon: next section on cold chain equipment and temperature management - any feedback from the committee in this call (no feedback from committee at this point)
    • Brandon: next section on view / print CCE reports - there is a comment on what should be handled in the electronic LMIS - don’t want to duplicate RTM system
    • Carl: for alerting with SMS - is this build it within OpenLMIS or with external system? I’d discourage an SMS notification within OpenLMIS itself - don’t think should put SMS platform within OpenLMIS
    • Carl: question on whether there’s consideration around one off alerts with no response back; or an alert where a response is expected
    • Alpha: is there a way the facility can send a message / notification to the system and the system can then send message to those that need to know about the need
    • Brandon: so people could text into the system (e.g. on fridge failure) and then the system can then act on that
    • Alpha: the way the requirement is written it just looks like a one way communication - gives an example from Tanzania - more interactive nature of informing decision makers - also, looking at OpenLMIS, if have 3-4 district managers, OpenLMIS can notify this supervisory node group of district managers
    • Brandon: took some of these notes down, but would be good to add those details to the Google doc would be very helpful
    • Brandon: next section on general features - Mary Jo’s biggest question is around what else is missing here? - anything else that they haven’t seen in this document that should exist
    • Carl: on DHIS2 feature, is this again something built into OpenLMIS or separate - seen where data elements used in DHIS2 are not the same as other systems, so need to be mappings of terminology - question on interoperability here
    • Brandon: anything else that we see as missing? (no others) - Google link is in the chat - please read and give comments before deadline of COB May 24th

Software Development Update

  • Upcoming Sprint 27 - mostly looking at bug fixes that came up during testing in Malawi
  • Brandon: TW folks have been working on stock management; Soldevelo folks working on core and preparation for vaccines - TW stock piece ends at end of May, so velocity will be slower - cycle for vaccines will be a 6 month cycle - will go a little slower to make sure building the right thing around vaccines with stakeholder involvement
  • Stock management had minimal bugs - thanks to Dercio for helping with testing
  • Living roadmap - going forward this will only be future looking - so will not see a historical view - will use this to talk about features for the future - any feedback on what else needs to be added to this? - historical data you can look at release notes - there is also a community updates section
  • Mary Jo has asked for feedback on this product roadmap as we move forward - e.g. layout, what you would expect to see - please let us know

Member updates

  • Brandon: any member updates happening?
  • Carl: Gap analysis has kicked off - eLMIS vs. OpenLMIS - hopefully next product committee meeting will have more to talk about regarding these gaps - any questions, contact Carl or Amanda

Vaccine feature update

  • In May, 2 weeks ago, 30 attendees in Copenhagen at a vaccine workshop - good break out groups on defining specific requirements - prioritization as well on what should be in version 3.3
  • Work kicks off in the beginning of June - Cold Chain piece starts in beginning of June
  • Workshop in Senegal in end of June - User-centered design - idea is to come away with user mockups / user interfaces so we know users will need when common use cases occur in the real world

Gap Analysis Update

  • (see update from Carl above in Member updates)


  • Brandon: was in Malawi for UAT - 30 attendees - 1 minister of health official - Nuran as PM on Chemonics side - detailed UAT testing of the Malawi instance of OpenLMIS - not being used initially for vaccines - national rollout happening for 5 programs over the summer

Stock Management

  • Shiyu: this week is UAT week w/ VillageReach - whole week is testing and seeing if any bugs exist on the system - we have created a bug page - link in the agenda on PC Acceptance Testing page - will be summary of what we are doing in UAT - if any questions / comments, please report on this page - release time will be Friday - need to have bugs put into the system ideally by end of day Wednesday (China time) so team has a few days to address
  • Brandon: any questions about the UAT / stock management in general? (none at the moment)


Video: OpenLMIS Product Committee-20170523 1306-1.arf (download the WebEx video player here)


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