March 14 2017

Call Information

  • 6:00AM PST - Seattle
  • 9:00AM EST - New York, DC
  • 5:00PM EAT - Tanzania
  • 10:00PM GMT +8 - China

  • Webex Link: Link
  • Meeting Number: 192 173 465
  • Host Key: 352864
  • Audio Connection +1-415-655-0001 



Software Development Update

Quick questions on usability improvements:

    • Auto saving notifications. How does this look? Improvement? OLMIS-2037 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • drawing attention to user input and clearly indicating calculated. Which option? pros/cons? OLMIS-2032 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Profile and logout experience OLMIS-2066 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Request to community :

What work has happened in the community around measuring impact? M&E? Please share thoughts and ideas.

3.1 Scope and Priorities

  • Updates after the stock management workshop
  • 3.1 scope

Stock Management

Update on the workshop and prioritization : 2017-03-12 Day Five: Stock Managment Workshop

Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) and Shiyu Jin (Deactivated)

Malawi Requests

Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) and Christine Lenihan

Update on requests from the Governance Committee

  • Functional spec toolkit is up on Confluence - Functional Specification Template <MJ INSERT new feature>
  • Publish current implementation's roadmaps publicly
    • Update from Ashraf (Cote d'Ivoire, Zambia, Tanzania)
    • Update from Mary Jo (Benin and Mozambique)
  • Merging roadmaps to see across all implementations and 3.x
    • Blocked by first step




Software development update

  • Sprint 21 was lighter - mostly focused on bugs
  • Next sprint doing more - some features like UI / admin screens - everything completed in sprint - pick and choose which services to roll in the patch for Malawi w some of the bug fixes
  • Patch release at end of the month for Malawi
  • Tenly / MJ still working on the recorded demo available on the website, and possible webinar
  • Liberia interested in OpenLMIS 3.x as their LMIS choice
    • We've been told from MoH that OpenLMIS has been chosen as their electronic LMIS
    • At this point just connecting the dots and get the conversation rolling
    • Reaching out to IntraHealth, MoH, other partners in-country, Carl Leitner (formerly of IntraHealth)
    • Very promising

Quick questions on usability improvements

  • Discussion around autosaving, particularly around Option 1 from Nick's UI design (check mark next to each field after saving)
    • Brian curious about what happens when user navigates away from page - MJ: if offline, won't be able to navigate away; can't navigate away without hitting the server; can only navigate within one order - pagination;
    • Chris had some concerns around complexity of this option
      • Angular should be able to handle underlying tech complexity
      • Feedback from Malawi that they didn't realize it was saving automatically with current version
      • From usability perspective, just might be multiple permutations to consider in regards to each editable field - good to run by Malawi
    • Brian asks about testing on tablets as well - MJ: tablets not being used in Malawi at the moment
    • Discussion around tablet implications - how would this look and work on an Android tablet - eLMIS has shown some issues with this design
    • Dercio: also mentioned thoughts on how this would work on tablets
  • Nick: good question on the tablets - too much of a rabbit hole right now
  • MJ: There are two other requests - seeking input - if can provide feedback on editable fields / logout usability, please do

Impact measurement and M&E

  • MJ: looking to get inputs on what's already been done on the impact measurement / M&E front
  • Danni: did one thing, comparing the submitted and sync time in Mozambique; could easily see these times now that it was digitized; don't have exact numbers on paper process
  • Gaurav: did something for Android app TW built for Nigeria - M&E framework, not in great shape, but lots of useful indicators, list of sources from where those indicators can be sourced from; looked at JSI and other prior assessment booklets, which are quite long and distill down to something more manageable
    • Gaurav can share these with Mary Jo
    • MJ: Assessment booklets from JSI, are those available? G: it is, don’t have copies but easily searchable on JSI website; we did this for a facility level app - keep this in mind

3.1 scope

  • Est. 3.1 scope - Governance committee will take a look at this next week
  • De-prioritized items are more “next up”
    • Tracking Stock de-prioritization is more around tracking stocks from / to another storeroom in the OpenLMIS ecosystem
  • MJ: On Core Product Updates slide, still might be some changes on scope; if something gets de-prioritized would be external fulfillment - Malawi waiting to next year to do this
  • Tenly: This is the first process we're doing with 3.1 prioritization, where product committee bubbles up to governance committee, and having governance approve this - you've done a lot of work on prioritizing this, but when it is presented to the governance committee, if they bring up something new, disagree with prioritization, what thoughts do we have on what happens then.
    • MJ: if a new requirement comes in from governance committee, there has to be funding for it; unless there is reason that OpenLMIS would not be functional without it
    • Tenly: going into governance committee next week, I want to understand the prioritization to date - say governance brings up an addition has a low level of LOE to add to 3.1 scope ... are we at critical mass that even adding something with low LOE, we need to de-prioritize something else?
    • Tenly: just a comment - completely agree about the funding point - Kaleb can weigh in on in governance committee on what the priorities are for OpenLMIS based on Gates funding (same for Lindabeth and USAID funding)
    • MJ: we are pretty full as far as scope; everything is negotiable thought - if external fulfillment not as needed and not needed for gap analysis, we could de-prioritize, as an example
  • MJ: one that is tough to estimate - program data and reporting framework - these two are coming up to PC - based on what design gets chosen, might impact this scope as well - might come back to PC - need to figure out what our plan is for this
  • MJ: For currently not scheduled items, there are some question marks on which country it applies to, so would also like to hear from JSI, others on this
  • MJ: anyone disagree with anything? ordering is wrong? missing something? (no response)

Stock Management

  • Can go over wiki to see what happened over the week - please respond

Malawi Requests

  • No one from Malawi came to meeting this time; MJ to try hard to get them in next meeting
  • Exciting to have Malawi team do pull requests
  • Is a request to see if the global products believes it's important to do aggregating for requisitions - how does the PC review and a country says "shouldn't the global product do this?" - how do we review these types of requests?
    • Different from New Feature Verification Process - when a country creates a new feature and does new pull request so that the global product can implement it into its offering
    • Question: How to handle new Global product requests?

Update on requests from the Governance committee

  • Still working on publishing current implementation's roadmaps (Ashraf not on this call due to weather)



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