PC: January 2 2018

Call Information

  • 09:00 PDT - Seattle
  • 12:00 EDT - New York, DC
  • 19:00 CAT - Zambia
  • 20:00 EAT - Tanzania

Last Meeting NotesPC: December 19 2017



Lead (Time)


Software Development Update

Sam Im (Deactivated)

Overall updates and topics under discussion:

  • Upcoming dates:
    • Feb (week of Feb 12th or 19th): demoing stock management and features supporting vaccines (CCE, F&E, local fulfillment, reporting) to GAVI, Global Fund and others to spark interest in using OpenLMIS to manage vaccines.
    • March: release 3.3 with the minimal set of features to support managing vaccines sub-nationally
  • Ona has started to work on reporting. Showcases will be every two weeks an hour before this call. Showcases are recorded here.
  • Aspirational roadmap: Still in progress 
  • DELAYED: Defining our mobile strategy. Are members willing to meet separately to help define the OpenLMIS vision for mobile applications? Put on your OpenLMIS hat (not your country hat or org hat) and outline the critical needs for OpenLMIS.
    • Currently we are working towards one new reference implementation with OpenSRP for the 3.3 release.  The details of the reference implementation are outlined here: OpenSRP and OpenLMIS Integration
    • Parambir Gill and Matt Berg has expressed interest.

Update on Local Fulfillment progress

  • Current sprint: Creating a shipment from an order, setting fill quantities
  • Next sprint: Generating pick/pack list

Prioritization on New Feature requests (Malawi)

OLMIS-3702 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OLMIS-3794 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OLMIS-3796 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Stock Management options for 3505/3808

As a recap, the problem is when Report and Requisitions (R&R) are approved out of order (upon approval the stocking information is sent to stock cards as a physical inventory).  

Our phased approach to solve this issue is to move forward with option 1B (Allow Physical Inventory without requiring reasons for the entire quantity change) first and then begin work to support the reversal functionality. We recommend implementers to monitor reporting rates and encourage users to approve R&Rs in order.




Video: No recording for 1/2/18 meeting


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