PC: July 31 2018

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  • 08:00 PDT - Seattle
  • 11:00 EDT - New York, DC
  • 17:00 CAT - Zambia/Malawi (UTC+2)
  • 18:00 EAT - Tanzania/Kenya (UTC+3)

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Software Development Update

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Sam Im (Deactivated) (5 min)

3.3.1 Patch released and currently working on regression testing for 3.4, expected to be finished by next Friday.


Parambir S Gill (Unlicensed): There was a request from Malawi on Jasper reports, was any work done on this?

Sam Im (Deactivated): Not sure, will check. Parambir S Gill (Unlicensed) will check what's the ticket number on this.

Update on OpenSRP mobile integration workCraig Appl (Unlicensed) (5 min)

Asset Management

Asset management comes up frequently in the supply chain space. What are the key use cases which the two intersect? What information do you need to know about your equipment to make informed decisions about stock?

Showcasing features

  1. Current CCE management service in OpenLMIS version 3. Dércio Duvane
  2. What did eLMIS build out? What is currently in use? What is working, what is not? Ashraf
Dércio Duvane (30)

An asset is a resource. For example the immunization program is CCE. We keep that information in OpenLMIS because its helpful for the program to know when its safe to deliver the products to that facility.

Are there any other kinds of equipment or objects that we would like to manage in OpenLMIS, and how does that affect the supply chain?

Parambir - Are we limiting assets to medical product-related assets, or are we going broader?

  • Dercio - We are going broader, but we want to define that in this discussion.
  • Ashraf - eLMIS knows the different types of equipment, the functional status, the products associated, and what tests you can perform, and what needs to be ordered based on this data
  • Downtime needs to be captured (considerations for scheduled repairs to equipment when reordering)

Dercio - Would it make sense for us to build asset management within OpenLMIS, or should we focus on integration with other systems that already do it well?

  • Ashraf - It helps if the feature is built within the system itself.
  • ACTION ITEM: We may need to request a demo of OpenLS to determine if there are important features that we would want to integrate, or determine the cost for building ourselves. We also want to know who manages this system once its launched. 

Finalize Non-functional Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements - performance

Wesley Brown (10 min)Did not discuss, will move to next PC meeting. Please review this document prior to the next PC meeting.

Next PC meeting: Ideas??

  • Continue Asset management discussion
  • Finalize Non-Functional Requirements 

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Community Mtg will be in Malawi.  FILL OUT THE SURVEY!


Dércio DuvaneAshrafParambir S Gill (Unlicensed)Sam Im (Deactivated)Chifundo Chilivumbo (Deactivated)Josh ZamorMartin LukacMatthew Kumbuyo (Deactivated)Wesley Brown


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