PC: May 8 2018

Call Information

  • 08:00 PDT - Seattle
  • 11:00 EDT - New York, DC
  • 17:00 CAT - Zambia/Malawi (UTC+2)
  • 18:00 EAT - Tanzania/Kenya (UTC+3)

Last Meeting NotesPC: April 24 2018



Lead (Time)


Software Development Update

Who's working on OpenLMIS these days??

  • SolDevelo (going strong)
  • Ona (two teams!)
  • JSI (just kicking off in Sprint 53)
  • Village Reach

Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated)

Interested in demoing OpenLMIS?

Version 3 Demo: Supporting Documentation - updated with more screenshots and speaking notes. Let us know what else you'd like or need.

Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated)

A demo is coming up in Thursday (5/10) 9 AM Eastern, 6 AM Pacific

You can view the previous recorded demo on youtube

Github can also be consulted for demo data.

More info on the upcoming demo can be found here

Community can also conduct demo of their own

Community can edit the demo page with their own steps/comments/suggestions

Shared calendar for the demo was suggested by Dercio

New requests can be added through Jira

Living Product Roadmap 

Living Roadmap can be found on the Open:MIS wiki page

Timescale is not actually reflective of actual target dates. We need to gather data on team velocity, before the timescale can be updated with realistic dates.

Gap Analysis feature prioritization can be found on the Google spreadsheet which was shared with the community before. There are 48 features at the last count.

While most of the roadmap items are gap related. But there are also few other types, e.g., Stock based Requisition

Community feedback is welcomed on the roadmap.

Connect-a-thon is planned for Facility Registry. Amanda provided more details info 

Expect email from MaryJo about upcoming agenda for the next Governance Committee meeting.

OpenLMIS release note on 3.3 is also available at read the doc site

You can find the link to the video (OpenLMIS + OpenSRP integration) at the demo page

Tanzania eLMIS roadmap and upcoming work

Alfred Mchau to insert the list of requirements.

Alfred MchauSkipped for this week since Alfred was not available

New Requests - No New Requests

Filter:  Getting issues...

  • As a committee we will review any new requests that come in. We will then ask follow up question or clarifications. Once the scope is clear, we will prioritize with the current work for development.
  • Roadmap status = still under discussion
  • ToDo status = ready for work
  • Once the feature is slotted for work, we will change the ticket type to a "story"

Question on orders and shipments with zero quantities:

  • When an order has zero ordered quantities
  • When a shipment has zero shipped quantities

OLMIS-4412 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OLMIS-4556 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Sam Im (Deactivated)

Should an Order be created with all Zero quantity?
When a shipment have Zero quantity, should a shipment be generated?

All are encouraged to touch base with Sam with any feedback or ideas.

Gap Project: Roadmap review and feedback

Team Ona started with their Sprint from Sprint 52

Team JSI will start working on the R&R Product List on Sprint 53

Team VillageReach will start from Sprint 54
A total of 4 teams will be working on OpenLMIS 3.4 and forward. Team is quite globally dispersed.

Community can track the progress of the Gap project on the https://openlmis.slack.com There is a channel on gap_project as well

OpenHIE Community Meeting Information (conference and Connect-a-thon) - https://ohie.org/2018/04/save-the-date-2018-openhie-community-meeting-in-tanzania/

Please let Amanda BenDor (Unlicensed) know if you want more information and plan to attend.  Would be great to have people at the Connect-a-thon working on OpenLMIS interoperability.

Next PC meeting: Malawi will provide an update, Non functional requirements discussion kick-offJosh ZamorExpect more on Non-functional requirements at the next PC meeting


  • Ashraf
  • MaryJo
  • Sam
  • Parambir
  • Tenly
  • Martin
  • Amanda
  • Chifundo
  • Craig
  • Dercio
  • Matt Kumbuyo
  • Felimone
  • Chris Opit




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