Intro Meeting with SAVICS

Date:  Jan 16, 2020

OpenLMIS participantsRebecca Alban (Unlicensed)

SAVICS: CEO Xavier Morelle  (Based in Brussels)

Background:  we were introduced by Pierre (Workshop consultant); he is interested in our transition and search for new business model.

Savics Capability Document._.pdf

(Rebecca explained about OpenLMIS, and our journey toward sustainability, Resonance, etc. )

Their work:

-they have open source tools that support lab operations at different levels; mostly patient level/lab tech

-they are profitable; dont want to keep donor reliance; see OpenLMIS as a software that can be integrated with theirs as part of an open sources suite of tools

-they currently get fees from govts and see the value in integrating more open source tools to link lots of softwares together

Their vision:

-goal is to bulk of their software to stay open source and free; but govts need to see value it it, possibly pay in a little (question)

-they can benefit from OpenLMIS using our connections to introduce their suite of tools into countries we are in

-They are not sure they have capacity/desire to do the stewardship work; but if its just about funding they could just pay the current team to continue doing that (no point in transitioning that if it is currently working well...)

-they have no wish to upsell what they have done; goal is to build open source health ecosystem in a sustainable way

Question from Rebecca: What value do you see value in our data? Answer: Since most of our data is patient data we do not consider sharing it, but since LMIS data has info about product quantities, locations, movement, etc. this can be very valuable to pharma companies or health insurance companies. There could be some risk in having an exclusive relationship with one pharma company as it might limit your locations to go in, or they may have a limited interest one particular aspect of your data. If you have non-exclusive relationships with companies, you can capitalize on your whole suite of data and 'sell' different data to different companies depending on their interest. Or even have them 'bid' on it...

Next steps:

Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed) to coordinate another call looping in OpenLMIS team, Kim, and SAVICS CTO, and physician