Introductory Call with eHealth Africa

Date April 9, 2021

OpenLMIS participantsWesley BrownRebecca Alban (Unlicensed)Dean Tebbutt, Douno (Health of Engineering), Jamil (software engineer) 


Non profit based in Nigeria- core mission to strengthen health systems. Kano office. They also have offices in Sierra Leone and Germany

Intro Presentation from Douno:

  • build solutions for HSS such as eLMIS, lab/diagnostics, EMRs, GIS and data analytics
  • system integration, not as much development
  • Interest is because they have existing connection w/ VR, OpenLMIS is a strong tool, and they have expertise in eLMIS
  • Want to use it for their logistics mgmt projects because ours is stronger than theirs
    • exploring use of it; and what kind of support they can expect from us if they use it

Dean: we are interested in seeing a growth in the partner network and growth in the install base; looking to engage w/ potential partners

  • different partners will bring different perspectives and expertise on how they want to use the product

Wes: there is support available, but it depends on the work that you are doing. We have lots of documents on how you can integrate your changes back into core; or lock yourself into a different version. We have an open community on Slack, where people can ask questions. Enterprise Support plan could be beneficial

Dean: what are the base technologies that you are most expertise in? 

  • if there is development to be done they would look for Vitalliance to do it- they would be interested in data analytics as a core competency 
  • they have scaled down a lot recently;  used to have lots of developers and architects 
  • Dean: other partners have development skills and capacity and are a useful resource to link up with; Enterprise Support offering would give you access to enhanced services (this is focused on country implementations but partners may benefit from it if you have multiple implementations); then there could be optional paid ad hoc services  
  • looking to structure engagements w/ partners more tightly; 

Where are you looking to apply OpenLMIS?

  • they will answer this in an email, describing their opportunities

Next steps:

  • Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed) to send package of new partner info; for them to wrap their heads around; including info on Trusted Partner network; enterprise support
  • they will follow up to articulate their current opportunities, skills
  • we work together to see how we can put them on a path to becoming a partner