OpenLMIS Trusted Partner Debrief- Implementation Opportunities


Attendance: Sebastian BrudzińskiCraig Appl (Unlicensed)Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed)Brandon Bowersox-JohnsonMary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated)Carl LeitnerMAHMUDUL ISLAM (Unlicensed)


Discussion Notes

  • Questions around demos and level of effort.
    • At what stage should provide demos?
    • Should we provide configured demo environments? What amount of effort should we put into supporting demos
  • Train the trainer approach for trusted partners to provide demos.
    • Ona would be willing to do a demo
    • SoftWorks would like to do a demo
    • SolDevelo would be willing to do demos
    • VillageReach would be willing to do demos

Overall Feedback

  • Craig (positive) found it useful to see the steps visually and definitions. He will continue to digest and come back with thoughts and feedback.
  • Sebastian (positive) found it useful and clear. He will pass along to Jakub so he is looped in. 
  • Mahmudul (positive)
  • Brandon (positive) an area that will be tricky going forward is forming partnerships to support a proposal


  • Trusted Partner Profile:
    • What countries are you interested in leading? What countries do you have on the ground presence?
    • What skills sets do you bring and what role do you want to play?
  • Continue the discussion on how we support demonstrations
  • Host a Train the Trainer to share what demo resources exist for TPs to do demos

Housekeeping for the Zambia event

  • Asking TPs to present 3-5 slides on their skills, experience, etc. within the larger presentation
  • TPs potentially could present and be participate in the larger 'pitch' presentation