Notifications Feature Discussion

Facilitator: Wesley Brown



  • Requests come in from Malawi that too many notifications come in, and so single users may want to opt themselves out for a specific supervisory node.
    • Similar in TZ, someone wants to be able to have access, and so they have access to a supervisory node, however they don't want the notifications for approval or other actions (unsubscribe from a specific notification type - e.g. approvals, submissions, stock out in R&R, etc
  • In Malawi there's also a desire for a digest to come - however we're not sure what the timeline is (daily, weekly, etc)
    • Digests would likely just be email focused
    • SMS/WhatsApp/In-app you'd likely get each notification as it comes.
    • Raised an interest for notifications to potentially someday be action items to be dismissed.
    • has MNO relationships and could potentially obtain discounts for SMS
  • For supervision there could be a need for a person to select the facility and type of notification to be notified more or less based on how much support/supervision those people need.
  • In app notifications are desirable for Angola
    • Some users only login once a month (e.g. provincial managers)
  • Moz has partnerships with MNOs so SMS isn't out of the question
  • Moz would see an interest in using WhatsApp for sending messages to groups of people.  This could help spur group conversations around solving issues.
    • Question if a country could get access to WhatsApp - ie. WhatsApp is still a walled garden with only limited availability and we're not sure what all the rules are.
  • Reminders:  R&R hasn't been submitted yet
  • Template for email & sms:  admin configure of email & sms template (e.g. placeholders for date, name, etc) and to also provide translations.
    • Translations...
  • Direct notifications are desired (e.g. once or twice a year there might be a need to send out a blast to group to say the schedule has changed)

We heard things for :

  • digests (straight forward)
  • flexible (opt out by user, opt into certain channels)
  • ad hoc customized notifications
  • In-app (VIMS has it)

Action Items