ARV Feature Discussion

Facilitator: Ashraf

Presentation: Ashraf to add link. Powerpoint attached



Refine the scope for the 3.6 scope for the ARV featureset. Build buy in and understanding across the team and community.


Alfred Mchau informed the group of redesign around the ARV program to include it with ILS (Essential Medicines). Reduce the "regimen" into one pill. Meaning that one pill with have the ingredients from multiple pills into one.

Chifundo Chilivumbo (Deactivated) is also rolling out "Test and Treat", Malawi does not have the R&R regimen tab

Dercio Duvane Mozambique does have the R&R regimen tab, data is pushed to OpenMRS but data is only used for reporting within OpenLMIS system . Not aware of any request or plans to change (though expects that country may eventually follow Tanzania and others)

In Mozambique, looking to eventually move the whole LMIS process into OpenLMIS (currently also handled by other systems) and connect to warehousing system

Regimen Tab:

  • Tanzania: Not Needed
  • Zambia: In Use
  • Malawi: Likely not needed
  • Mozambique: Likely not needed

ARV Customizability:

  • What is in scope for 3.6? Not much, this would require a significant additional amount of work to do correctly (see  OLMIS-549 - Getting issue details... STATUS )


  • Josh Zamor Even if ARV's move away from this, there are other program areas (vaccines) where this would still be required
  • OpenLMIS does not currently support this so perhaps this feature could be transitioned to kits instead
  • Kitting (AKA Composed Products): Taking multiple items and combine them so that they can be ordered as a single item and then, once received, split apart back into multiple items for inventory tracking
    • Epic (likely out of date):  OLMIS-681 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Dercio Duvane Something that is definately needed in Moz for Emergency and Lab
  • Chifundo Chilivumbo (Deactivated) Could also be helpful in Malawi

Other Possible Priorities instead of ARVs:

  • Budget
    • Alfred Mchau Priority for TZ, budget is owned at central level and with inputs from facility level. How all these sources get incorporated is unclear and is a risk to this features
    • Chifundo Chilivumbo (Deactivated) Budgets are handled at a district level and viewed at that level (though there are facility budgets). This is something that is requested by Malawi
    • Moz: Facilities don't hold a budget, only really managed at the central level
    • Angola: Some facilities do have a budget but not a priority for olmis
    • Malawi: Would not use
  • Aggregate Requisitions
    • TZ: Yes, for TB
    • Zambia: Yes
    • Moz: Maybe
    • Malawi: Yes
    • Angola: Not sure
  • Equipment Module
    • Summary: The list and status of facility equipment along with the requisitions for any supporting commodities used by/with the equipment (for example, lab reagents)
      • Notification (email) to appropriate party when equipment is not functional
      • Bottom-up collection of facility equipment information
    • TZ: Exists, not in use
    • Zambia: Exists, not in use
    • Moz: Needed
    • Malawi: NeededARV Regimen-eLMIS workflows
    • Angola: Needed, but the equipment moves around frequently
  • Top pick:

Key Points

  • Given the transition to "Test and Treat", ARV feature may not be as much as a high-value feature at this time. We are not sure if this is a global transition that will eventually occur in many countries.

Action Items