Gap 3.6 Scheduling


Facilitator: Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated)



Team Parrot

  • Release faster
    • Functional tests
    • Improving processes
      • Collecting release timing for v3.5
    • Hoping that this is not the only set of work for v3.6
      • We do still hope that significant progress is made on adding functional tests for v3.6
  • Josh: Provision and Orchestrate Services?
    • Sebastian: Team is more interested in contributing to Malawi product directly
  • Wes: Maybe take one of the three potential ARV replacement features (Equipment, Budgets, Kitting)
    • Sebastian: Interested in Budgeting - this has come up before in Malawi
    • Reports SSO?

Team Ona

  • DHIS2
    • Craig: Question about how Data Pumps impacts this work
      • Josh: Worried about scope to add this in v3.6. "80%" of work handled by debezium (sp), rest of the work is somewhat defined but open questions remain
      • Craig: What happens if target is down?
        • Josh: Message delivery is handled by Kafka
    • Work on overall scope and associated tickets in progress
    • Unsure is UI is required to confirm/review report (or others)
    • There is a question about how much of the potential work we want to schedule for 3.6
  • Also have a number of holdover tasks from 3.5

Mind the Gap

  • Complete multiple suppliers
  • Notifications
    • Wes will be updating documents based on feedback from our discussions


  • Shipment file
    • Roughly 1.5 sprints left of work left
  • User interface for upload file
    • Scheduled for 3.6
  • Kits

Action Items